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Department of Communication

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    Video Production Students
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    Department of Communication
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The Department of Communication at Virginia Tech focuses on communication processes and their effects on individuals, organizations, culture, and society. Faculty and students create, distribute, and interpret messages through media systems. Students build knowledge and skills for future study and work in public relations, multimedia journalism or communication studies.

Kuypers wins paper award

    Jim Kuypers

Faculty member Jim A. Kuypers won the top faculty paper in the Kenneth Burke division of the Southern States Communication Association.  The paper entitled The January 1832 Debate on Slavery in Virginia: Clashing Scenes and Terministic Screens, will be presented in April at the association’s Tampa convention.


Lambda Pi Eta Reestablished at Virginia Tech

Visiting assistant professor of public relations Kelly McBride has tackled and directed the reestablishment of Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association’s official honor society at four-year colleges and universities, on the Virginia Tech campus.

McBride, who has worked at Virginia Tech for two years as of next month, wanted to bring Lambda Pi Eta (LPH) back to Virginia Tech so that students could take part in a communication organization with a philanthropic support that further reinforced the university’s Ut Prosim mission. She also wanted to create an organization welcoming and relevant to all communication majors.

Lambda Pi Eta was reestablished in January 2015 with a tentative slate of officers – tentative because members are not yet initiated. At initiation in April, officers will be initiated first and then subsequently initiate the rest of the membership.

McBride describes the current executive team as dynamic, with current president Ali Bowker now heading the project and establishing much of the format and rules, including colors, flowers, jewels and all things needed to make LPH a long-term project. read more...

Preston, Quesenberry Win XCaliber Award

Dr. Marlene Preston and Ms. Brandi Quesenberry, faculty in the Virginia Tech Department of Communication, have won the Virginia Tech 2015 XCaliber Award for their submission “Design and Assessment of Virtual Public Speaking: Incorporating Presentation Technologies to Enhance Learning.” The department congratulates Dr. Preston and Ms. Quesenberry on their extraordinary contributions to technology-enriched learning activities. They will receive a commemorative plaque and a cash award of $1,500 at the Faculty/Staff Awards Ceremony held later in the spring at The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center.

The XCaliber Award–shorthand for exceptional, high-caliber contributions to technology-enriched learning activities–was established in 1996. It celebrates and showcases innovative approaches to teaching in technology-enriched environments. Read more...


Hokies Set Mascot Hug Record as Part of Public Relations Student Campaign

Length: 01:43

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Wyatt Andrews visits Robinson's Digital Newsroom class CBS News National correspondent Wyatt Andrews visited the Communication Department's Digital Newsroom class Monday, April 6, 2015. Andrews shared some advice with Multimedia Journalism students about how to be successful as a news reporter.